Integration Hub

Accelerate your carbon accounting process by connecting your software systems to Persefoni.

Product Overview

No matter where you are in your carbon accounting journey, you understand the importance of collecting the right activity data. Manually gathering, processing, and loading data has its limitations.  Chasing down data from across various applications, teams, and regions takes up a significant amount of valuable time that your team could spend enhancing your climate strategy. After gathering necessary activity data, the process of quality checking and formatting data can be cumbersome. Manual data collection doesn’t scale well and requires implementing new processes as your organization grows. Auditing the data chain-of-custody becomes more complicated when data is processed and passed by hand. This results in data collection being a significant bottleneck, whereas time would be better spent exploring decarbonization pathways. 

With that in mind, Persefoni built Integration Hub, a space that allows you to connect your business applications to Persefoni to streamline greenhouse gas inventory data collection. Our solution enables the automation of activity data collection, saving you time and resources running your carbon accounting program.

Persefoni integrations hub featuring applications like SAP Concur, NetSuite, Expensify, TripActions, Google Sheets, and iLEVEL

Some of our featured applications include SAP Concur, NetSuite, Expensify, TripActions, Google Sheets, iLEVEL, and more.

Once you connect to your application and activate an integration, Persefoni automatically extracts your  pertinent application data and calculates your footprint. You can customize your integrations to adjust for customizations in your application or reporting rules that are specific to your accounting needs. 

With Integration Hub, Persefoni enables the end-to-end automation of the full carbon accounting process, helping your organization simplify your footprint calculation to move your focus to decarbonization. Integration Hub is included with a subscription to Persefoni; please contact your customer success manager to get started with this capability.

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