Business Operations Teams

Your organization made, or is about to make, a net-zero commitment. What does that mean for your daily business? How do you get there? Where is your carbon footprint created and how do you manage it? Persefoni gives you the answer.

Align to organizational net-zero targets

To understand how your operation can contribute to your organization’s overall decarbonization goals, you need to first understand where your carbon footprint comes from. Easily calculate and track emissions sources across your entire operation and supply chain.

Shed light on decarbonization levers

Once you’re calculating and tracking the carbon footprint of your operation, the next step is effectively decarbonizing. Whether it’s sourcing cleaner power for your facilities or upgrading equipment and fleets to be more fuel-efficient, Persefoni helps make the invisible visible.

Track decarbonization ROI

Decarbonizing your operation requires capital. Whether it’s electrifying your fleet, purchasing renewable energy, or making energy efficiency retrofits, Persefoni quickly quantifies the amount of carbon you’ve reduced as a result of those investments.

Showcase commitment and impact to stakeholders

Whether it’s your customers, partners, or employees, everyone supports sustainable practices. Your business should be rewarded for pursuing them, but that requires being able to show it and prove it. Persefoni enables operational teams to quickly share the progress and commitment toward more sustainable operations.