Real-time carbon management solutions.

Get clarity on emissions analytics, align with teams and stakeholders, and stay connected on decarbonization goals.

A single source of Truth

Our cloud-based platform gives sustainability, finance, operations, and executive                  teams a collaborative edge in working toward emissions reduction goals by allowing                  all stakeholders to collaborate with the same, reliable data.

Reduce Complexity

From information and data transparency to people and operations alignment, Persefoni makes managing carbon and climate initiatives easy and simple.

Full carbon visibility

Measure and analyze your organization’s carbon emissions from any and all data sources to create complete footprint transparency.

One system for all

Our cloud-based platform gives teams and stakeholders convenience and assurance that they’re seeing the same reliable data.

Know where you stand

Benchmark your carbon footprint against your industry or regional peers to see how you measure up and where you can go.

Simple. Real-time. Accurate.

What used to take months to complete can now be done in minutes, with real-time calculations that are accurate and up to date.

Our solutions

From SMB’s to the most influential enterprise organizations in the world, Persefoni has solutions for everyone.

Asset Managers & Asset Owners

Calculate your investment portfolio’s Financed Emissions profile, make science-based net-zero targets, and engage your portfolio to decarbonization.

ESG & Sustainability Teams

Reduce time spent reporting, increase transparency and accuracy of calculation, and automatically maintain all of the leading global Emission Factor sets.

CFO & Investor Relations

Quickly share your commitments and progress on mission-critical compliance activity to help your organization retain access to capital and attract top talent.


Turn financial transaction data from every available PCAF category into trusted and auditable financed emissions calculations.

Business Operations Teams

Track emissions across organizations, build relevant decarbonization strategies, and commit with confidence to net-zero initiatives.

CEO & Board of Directors

Showcase your commitment to impactful emissions targets, track decarbonization ROI, and stay ahead of the competitive and regulatory curve.

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