Climate Impact Benchmarking Module

Persefoni's Climate Impact Benchmarking add-on module gives you the power to understand how your company, investment or investment target's carbon performance compares with similar peers. You can evaluate different benchmarking scenarios with ease and have the right insights to operationalize your decarbonization journey.

Benchmark Carbon Performance Against Peers

Understanding what is best in class is critical to enhancing processes and making strategic business decisions. Climate Impact Benchmarking helps you understand how you stack up to your peers by leveraging footprint data of over 6,000 companies that disclose to CDP. Extract insights from up to ten companies and learn about their total footprint, emissions intensity, scope breakdown and scope 3 category breakdown. 

Check their Carbon Before You Buy

For a financial institution, the highest leverage moment in a decarbonization journey is during the investment committee meeting, but investors lack access to the right information. Persefoni built Climate Impact Benchmarking (CIB) for due diligence so an investor can calculate or estimate the footprint of a current or potential investment and compare that figure to industry peers Using Persefoni's CIB, investors are enabled to  make strategic decisions are aligned to their sustainability goals and initiatives.

Analyze Investment Funds to Index Benchmark

Climate Impact Benchmarking fund analysis features allows investors to compare how their investments or future investments' carbon footprint compares to well-known indices like the S&P 500, Russell 3000, BAML HY, and more.  By gaining access to this granular information., investors can access who the top and bottom performers are and drive strategic decisions to continuously enhance their carbon footprint.

Built on CDP and Refinitiv Database

To successfully decarbonize, companies and financial institutions need access to the most up-to-date data in the market. Through a partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Climate Impact Benchmarking leverages their extensive carbon emissions dataset allowing Persefoni users the ability to compare their carbon performance against peers and competitors. Where actual carbon emissions data is not available, CIB leverages Refinitiv data on publicly listed companies to facilitate emissions estimation.

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