Reporting for your individual organization is an important step – but understanding what best-in-class means for your sector is critical. Persefoni’s benchmarking capabilities allow you to quickly see how your organization’s carbon footprint stacks up to industry and regional peers leveraging CDP data.

Sector & Industry Benchmarking

Quickly understand how your sector is performing as a whole and where your organization stands. Whether you want to be the industry leader or not, understanding where the pack stands is critical to your path. Companies and firms across all sectors are greening their products and differentiating their organizations to potential and existing employees and customers. Make sure you don’t get left behind and understand what it really means to be an industry leader.

Regional benchmarking

Easily understand how your organization or business unit is performing in a specific geography. Sector analysis is important but being able to understand regional performance across all sectors can be equally important depending on where you’re operating, have significant stakeholders bases, or may be facing new regulatory requirements.

Create accountability benchmarks

In conjunction with climate scenario models, utilizing benchmarking data is critical to setting appropriate targets for your organization and developing meaningful reduction strategies along the way.