Your All-In-One Carbon Accounting Platform

Transform organizational and financial data into certified carbon footprints in real-time, under a single source of truth.

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Persefoni makes carbon accounting easy, accurate, and transparent

Persefoni is the only ERP of Climate; allowing you to automate your data integration from any and all data sources, centralized in our secure cloud-based platform for enterprise-wide visibility and access.

Simplify the complex carbon accounting process

Data sits at the core of the carbon management challenge. Persefoni makes integrating that data simple and reliable, and helps you generate incredible value from it.

Trust through transparency

Whether reporting to investors or regulators, our “no black box” approach to calculations was built to enable complete transparency of data for reliable, accurate disclosure.

Build connected accountability

Persefoni is a single source of truth that brings everyone—from leaders to stakeholders to ESG teams—to the emissions conversation, so your entire organization moves as one toward its decarbonization goals.

Unlock new opportunity

Transform valuable emissions data into actionable calculations. Know where you stand now, where you can be, and build decarbonization strategies across your organization.

All-in-one carbon management

Purpose-built to radically simplify carbon calculations, so you can better recognize climate risk, accurately meet disclosure requirements, and transparently decarbonize your organization.

Financed Emissions

Monitor environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance across current and potential lending activities with accuracy and transparency to PCAF and TCFD frameworks.

Carbon Accounting

Become as confident with your carbon accounting as you are with your financial accounting, with features covering all 3 Scopes of emissions and 100% compliance to GHG Protocol standards.

Sustainability Reporting & Disclosures

Streamline reporting across all current and future standards and frameworks under a single system, simplifying data management and reducing time and cost from data collection through assurance. Reporting is now as easy as a click of a button.

Climate Trajectory Modeling

Measure and analyze your contribution to the global Implied Temperature Rise, and develop emissions reduction (decarbonization) targets, goals, and strategies.


Quickly see how your organization’s carbon footprint stacks up to industry and regional peers in real-time, and gain insights on setting appropriate targets for your organization.

Build carbon alignment across teams

It’s hard to get everyone on the same page. Persefoni acts as a single source of truth for all your corporate or financed emissions carbon data, so teams, stakeholders, and everyone in between can align on the same reliable data.