Your All-in-One Carbon Accounting Platform

We’ve Reimagined Persefoni’s Leading Carbon Management and Accounting Platform to be Intuitive, Trusted, and Simplified. 

Introducing a world-class and intuitive carbon accounting experience that simplifies and accelerates the decarbonization journey. Persefoni’s platform helps turn consumption and emissions data into action, enabling real  and quantifiable progress towards a lower carbon footprint. Persefoni can simplify the carbon accounting process from beginning to end by providing a single source of carbon truth across the organization, enabling management of carbon transactions and inventory with the same rigor and confidence as with financial transactions.

First-Time Setup

Start your carbon accounting journey in just a few easy steps. First-Time Setup codifies several initial questions that streamline the onboarding process to create the foundation of your carbon footprint calculation. We cover the basics of your organizational structure, what decarbonization goals your organization has in mind, and get ready to calculate your footprint. 

Calculate Footprint

Based on your organization’s industry and needs, as well as a series of guiding questions, Calculate Footprint recommends which emission sources are most relevant to your organization and what data you will need to collect. With Calculate Footprint, manage the data collection process by assigning data owners and due dates to increase visibility across your organization.

Explore Footprint

Explore Footprint allows you to gain deep insights into your carbon footprint through a series of analysis that  provides a granular view of your carbon footprint helping you make informed decarbonization decisions. See how your carbon footprint trends over time by different breakdowns like emissions intensity, scope, assets, people activities, financed emissions, sites, and supply chain. 

Reduce Footprint

Take your analysis one step further with Reduce Footprint to gain granular reduction insights to improve your decarbonization strategy and model footprint reduction by scope and facility. The Decarbonization Pathway provides a high-level view into your organization's projected reduction path to align with the Paris Agreement.

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