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Carbon Disclosure Mandates Are Here

Discover what carbon disclosure mandates will mean for your company

Carbon disclosure mandates are here. As of April 2022, Japan's Financial Services Agency's mandate went into effect. Not to be outdone, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission released its proposal for TCFD-aligned carbon disclosure mandates this March. The first three calls the SEC made for advice when drafting this proposal were to Persefoni. The e-book below is the first in a series that will provide expert advice on how you can prepare for these mandates. Set your company up for success with help from Persefoni's industry-leading experts like Tim Mohin and Rakhi Kumar.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:
  • The how, what, where, and why of carbon disclosure mandates

  • The standards and guidelines you’ll have to be aware of when making disclosures

  • How to start preparing for mandates with modern tools and tech

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