Persefoni and Patch Launch New Offering of Carbon Offsets, Commission-free

See how Persefoni customers can now access a broad network of high quality carbon offset and removal projects on their journey to neutralizing their emissions.
Persefoni Team
By Persefoni Team
October 12, 20214 min read
January 10, 2023 at 8:23 PMUpdated
October 12, 2021Updated: January 10, 2023 at 8:23 PM4 min read

TEMPE, Ariz., October 12, 2021 – Carbon measurement has long been stuck in the dark, stifled by complicated processes and complex spreadsheets. But no more. Persefoni, the intelligent carbon accounting and management platform for enterprises and financial services organizations, has partnered with API-first carbon removal marketplace Patch to democratize a system burdened by exclusivity. With Patch, Persefoni is launching the Zero-Commission Carbon Offset Marketplace (ZCCOM), enabling climate-conscious users to purchase certified, long-term offsets.

Think of it as a “Robinhood-style” platform for carbon offsets – similar to the way users trade stocks on Robinhood, commission-free™. The average user can now access carbon markets that were previously the exclusive domain of the largest companies and brokerages, and in bite-sized pieces – as little as a gram, with no minimum purchase requirement. Persefoni maximizes every dollar spent toward purchasing offsets, meaning buyers’ investments are no longer wasted on large brokerage commissions.

For organizations, the ZCCOM offering makes it significantly easier for companies to add carbon removal to their core business processes, aggregating verified and unverified carbon-removal supply, and offering turn-key access. This also enables Persefoni customers to seamlessly neutralize any unavoidable or outstanding emissions through a broad range of project types, including biochar, bio-oil, mineralization, and forestry preservation, as well as identify and make meaningful contributions to the long-term scalability of mission-critical, but nascent, negative emission technologies.

“There is no action without insight, and together, Persefoni and Patch are coupling climate insights and measurement together with climate action in a unified product experience,” said Persefoni CEO Kentaro Kawamori. “Our Persefoni customers can measure and offset their carbon footprints in a single, seamless solution with the addition of the Zero-Commission Carbon Offset Marketplace. There is no progress if only the loudest voices are able to access carbon offsets. Tackling climate change is a fight won by the masses, and the Offset Marketplace brings us closer to lessening the devastating impact we see every day.”

The service is defined by three main pillars:

  • Accessibility: Anyone can purchase carbon offsets with the Persefoni ZCCOM. It provides previously restricted access to a network of traditional carbon offset and frontier negative emission technology projects.

  • Transparency: There are no black boxes, no hidden fees. The Persefoni ZCCOM provides project-level information (e.g., price, location, verification standard, images, and a project story), so buyers understand exactly where 100% of their money is going.

  • Breadth: The Persefoni ZCCOM offers the most offset options available and provides access to more than ten project and technology types, at a wide range of price points. Buyers can build a diversified portfolio of projects that mitigate risk and enable the contribution to be applied to a wider range of technologies.

Persefoni and Patch, who joined forces this past April, are spearheading a new class of climate technologies that enable communities, global enterprises, and governments to clearly understand their risk and exposure to the effects of climate change and take action to adapt and become resilient.

“Persefoni has clearly emerged as one of the leading carbon accounting and footprint management software providers in the market and we’re very excited to be powering their carbon offset and removal marketplace,” said Patch co-founder and CEO Brennan Spellacy. “Now, Persefoni customers can access a broad network of high quality carbon offset and removal projects and take a portfolio-based approach to neutralizing their emissions.”

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About Patch
Patch is an API-first carbon removal marketplace that enables companies to seamlessly purchase as little as a gram of carbon removal from individual projects. This micro-transaction access enables businesses of all sizes to work with carbon removal projects and neutralize emissions with the granularity required by embedded carbon removal use cases, such as carbon neutral shipping, travel, and climate positive financial services products. As an API-first platform, Patch aims to create a future where every commerce transaction—every swipe of a credit card, retail delivery, and bitcoin purchase—automatically compensate for its unavoidable emissions.

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About Persefoni
Persefoni is the premier, intelligent climate platform built for enterprises and institutional investors to easily calculate, analyze, manage, and report on their real-time carbon footprint. As the ERP of Carbon, the Persefoni SaaS platform provides users a single source of carbon truth for their organization and enables them to manage their carbon transactions and inventory with the same rigor and transparency as their financial ones.