Introducing the Persefoni App for Stripe

Estimate your carbon footprint and kickstart your company’s decarbonization journey by leveraging the Persefoni App on Stripe Marketplace
Persefoni Team
By Persefoni Team
May 13, 20222 min read
December 22, 2022 at 1:38 PMUpdated
May 13, 2022Updated: December 22, 2022 at 1:38 PM2 min read

Let’s face it, companies today have a lot of competing priorities and the list only grows when you’re asked to also assess your carbon footprint. Understanding the nuances of emission standards and disclosure requirements is overwhelming, especially when considering different scopes, and emission types. 

At Persefoni, we make the complex feel simple. To demystify the decarbonization process, today we’re thrilled to announce a turnkey solution for Stripe users: the Persefoni App, now available in the Stripe Marketplace. Our app can help calculate your high-level emissions estimate to kickstart your sustainability practices

We all want to better understand our environmental impacts, and businesses today use dozens of systems that need to be tallied and considered. To help streamline carbon accounting, Persefoni is creating an ecosystem that helps automate and extend capabilities of the platform into other apps and services. That’s why we’re working with leading financial platform Stripe. 

The Persefoni app for Stripe introduces a baseline footprint calculation so that you can: 

  1. Improve your climate credentials by estimating the carbon footprint of your business and evaluate suggestions for reduction strategies based on sector, sub-sector, and revenue information.

  2. Measure and manage your organizational environmental impact and focus on your sustainability journey with a new tool 

  3. Remove carbon as you grow your business by donating to Stripe Climate to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies

Once you add the Persefoni App to your Stripe account, we ask a few questions to get to know you better. Based on your industry and revenue, we’ll estimate your company’s initial, high-level carbon footprint and empower you with our carbon reduction recommendations. With one quick app download, you’ll have the tools to get started on your decarbonization journey.   We know that generating a full and accurate carbon footprint specific to your business can be complicated and time consuming - pulling information from multiple sources and performing calculations across various transaction types.  We’re thrilled to offer our app as a quick-to-use and easy-to-understand first step in solving that complexity for small- and mid-sized businesses. And for those ready to take their analysis to the next level, the journey to measure and manage your carbon footprint continues through our best-in-class platform experience at Persefoni.

Persefoni is one of only a few carbon-focused companies invited to join the Stripe App Marketplace, and are honored to be featured in their climate category. We can't wait to hear what you think when you begin using our app.

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