Take the Guesswork Out of Decarbonization with Persefoni’s Net Zero Navigator, Powered by Bain & Company

Net Zero Navigator (NZN) recommends specific actions businesses can take to effectively reduce their carbon emissions and reach climate targets.
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By Jenny Gai
March 14, 20233 min read
March 14, 2023 at 2:13 AMUpdated
March 14, 2023Updated: March 14, 2023 at 2:13 AM3 min read

Momentum around decarbonization is growing, with more and more companies committing to carbon reduction goals. By the end of 2022, the number of global companies with Science Based Targets in-line with the Paris Agreement grew to over 3,700–marking an almost 400% increase since 2020. Despite the increased public momentum around decarbonization, setting a clear path to get there can be a daunting task for most companies. In a 2022 study, Bain & Company found that nearly one-third of global companies missed their 2020 scopes 1 and 2 decarbonization targets. Now more than ever, organizations need a tool to help them understand what carbon reduction actions they can take to deliver the highest impact to their organizations. 

This is why Persefoni partnered with Bain & Company to create Net Zero Navigator – to take the guesswork out of decarbonization. Our new module empowers organizations to make carbon reduction decisions utilizing industry-specific decarbonization actions informed by Bain’s deep net zero expertise. 

With Net Zero Navigator, companies can:

  • Find the highest impact actions to reach their science-based and other reduction targets based on their industry and operations;

  • Gain confidence in their decarbonization strategy and implementation with research- and experience-backed recommendations; 

  • Tailor their decarbonization plan for their business and climate goals by modifying recommended actions and reduction pathways or creating custom ones; and

  • Track progress against their decarbonization action plan

Operationalizing any process is complicated, and the decarbonization journey is no exception. The framework below outlines each stage of the decarbonization journey and where Net Zero Navigator fits in.

A strong decarbonization strategy bridges ambitions and actions. With this journey in mind, Net Zero Navigator can help you:

Spend less time analyzing and more time implementing decarbonization initiatives

Applying Bain’s research and real-world experience-backed decarbonization recommendations to your specific carbon footprint enables you to easily create, assess, and decide on a decarbonization plan – so you can quickly move from understanding to action and achieve your climate targets. 

Customize decarbonization pathways to reflect current and planned reduction activities 

Configuring the recommended actions and implementation timelines to reflect existing and future climate projects enables you to assess decarbonization outcomes that reflect your unique business.

Track progress against science-based and other reduction targets

Having your carbon emissions data and decarbonization plan in a single platform enables you to gain immediate feedback on the impact of your reduction actions and evolve your strategy based on new information. 

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Net Zero Navigator simplifies how to approach decarbonization scenario planning and provides organizations with an action plan that can be tailored to their unique business. With less time needed for data analysis, companies can focus on taking action and tracking progress toward meaningful decarbonization. 

To learn more about Net Zero Navigator, visit our product landing page.

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