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At Persefoni, we “Invest in Our Planet” 365 days a year with our carbon accounting solution, and together with our customers, are helping transition the world to a low-carbon economy. Consumers, businesses, investors, and governments each have a role to play in decarbonizing the economy through the divestment of fossil fuels and investments in low-carbon solutions… while there is still time to do so

Open Letter: Open Letter to Business Leaders on the Cost of Carbon Disclosure

According to the World Economic Forum’s, “Global Risks Report 2022”, five of the top ten most severe risks to the economy and society over the next ten years are environmental. Climate action failure was identified as the #1 risk, followed by extreme weather and biodiversity loss. 

That’s why we’ve built the technology needed to measure, manage, report, and reduce your company’s GHG emissions. Thus far, we have helped our customers measure over 8.5 gigatons of carbon emissions, and we’re just getting started. 

We have simplified the carbon accounting process, allowing our customers to invest less in measuring their emissions and invest more in saving our planet. 

Strength in Numbers: Hoover CS

It’s one thing to say something, it’s another thing to prove it…. Look at the data and make informed decisions on that data, and that’s what Persefoni helps you do.

Nick Moscariello-Global Director, Sustainability Hoover CS


Who is Persefoni?
Who is Persefoni?

Persefoni is the leading climate management and accounting platform (CMAP). We help our clients with an enterprise-level carbon accounting platform.  With state-of-the-art accounting, your company can comply with climate disclosure regulations and investor demands. 

Why Should I Care?
Why Should I Care?

We have brought together a team of passionate experts in sustainability, ESG, climate change, and technology to enable every organization and person with the technology to positively impact the health of planet Earth. To find out more about Climate Management and Accounting Platforms, please read this blog.

I’m Worried Carbon Accounting Could Be Really Expensive
I’m Worried Carbon Accounting Could Be Really Expensive

If you use smart software, you won't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees just to calculate your footprint. This is complicated, yes. But that is why we have developed our CMAP - to make the process easier and less expensive so companies can spend their time and resources focusing on strategy.

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