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The time to measure your carbon footprint and build your climate strategy is now.


The time to measure your carbon footprint and build your climate strategy is now. The SEC has proposed new rules that would require your company to disclose its carbon footprint in reports filed with the SEC. This would compel accurate and reliable measurement of your greenhouse gas emissions, as well as disclosure of your strategic planning around climate-related risks and opportunities.

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While many companies today already include climate data via an annual ‘sustainability report', mandatory disclosure under the SEC rule will require additional rigor in carbon accounting.

Persefoni is ready to help you simplify this complexity and measure your carbon footprint accurately, reliably, and in real-time, so you can comply with the SEC rules, easily disclose to your diverse stakeholders, and stay ahead of additional changes in regulations and standards. In many cases, Persefoni's Sustainability Advisory Board is actually helping draft these future regulations/standards in regions around the world. 

Good carbon accounting software and market experience are necessary, but they may not be sufficient for all clients. That’s why Persefoni has partnered with Workiva, the market-leading software platform for SEC financial filings, simplifying SEC forms with a single cloud solution. This partnership helps clients integrate their carbon and financial disclosures into a single SEC filing.

Open Letter: How Business Leaders Should Prepare On Heels of the SEC Climate Proposal

Persefoni was purpose-built by executives from a Fortune 500 who lived this challenge first-hand; we have developed software and market intelligence to help you quickly and easily understand your carbon footprint so you can focus on the crucial work of building and implementing your climate strategy.

As your company prepares for compliance, Persefoni has created this web page to provide real-time and updated resources that can help. Persefoni CEO and Co-founder, Kentaro Kawamori, has issued this open letter, highlighting the key takeaways from the proposal and what to do next.


We have also compiled a series of blogs and e-books helping you understand what carbon disclosure mandates are, what they might mean for your organization, and how to start preparing for them.

To keep up to date with the SEC’s proposal throughout the comment period up to the adoption and implementation of the rule, Persefoni’s SVP of Global Regulatory Climate Disclosure and resident SEC expert, Kristina Wyatt (former SEC Sr. Counsel for Climate and ESG to the Director of the Division of Corporation Finance), will be releasing a weekly newsletter. Click here to get updates on all of the SEC proposal updates and a host of other relevant information.

Persefoni - SEC Announcement Video

Kentaro Kawamori, Persefoni CEO and Co-founder

“Investors are increasingly demanding reliable, comparable information from companies about their climate risks, because climate risk is financial risk. Companies, meanwhile, need a framework to evaluate their climate-related financial risks and clarity about what to report. The SEC’s proposals mark a big step toward giving issuers and investors what they need.”

Kristina Wyatt, Persefoni Deputy General Counsel & SVP Global Regulatory Climate Disclosure

“These proposals mark a critical milestone. There will be a comment process that will certainly inform any changes that the Commission makes when it adopts the final rules but the direction of travel is clear. The proposals draw on the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and are substantially aligned with climate disclosure rules and proposals in key jurisdictions, including the UK, EU, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, as well as the standards expected to be proposed by the new International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) later this year.”

Bob Eccles, Persefoni Sustainability Advisory Board Member and former chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

“As someone who has been working for decades to bring ESG into the mainstream of capital markets, the SEC climate disclosure proposal represents an inflection point. When this rule is adopted, it will enlist the power of the world’s largest capital market to address the world’s most urgent sustainability challenge – climate change.”

Jane Diplock, Persefoni Sustainability Advisory Board Member and former chairman of the International Organization of Securities Commission

“The climate crisis is a threat to financial stability and the sustainability of our way of life. By providing investor-grade information on climate risk, the SEC’s proposed rule builds on the momentum of similar capital market regulations in New Zealand, the UK, and Japan. Aligning capital to urgent sustainability challenges such as climate change will accelerate global progress to a more sustainable future.”

Miho Kurosaki, Persefoni Sustainability Advisory Board Member and member of the Sustainable Finance Working Group for the Tokyo Stock Exchange

"The SEC’s proposals will be a total game-changer. Climate risk is no longer a voluntary measure for companies to disclose, but a critical financial metric in the capital market. Together with Japan’s new rule, these proposals will create more transparency in corporate business models towards a net-zero world and help investors analyze the true values of portfolio companies."

Tim Mohin, Persefoni Chief Sustainability Officer

"As someone who has worked on sustainability reports for more than twenty years at three different companies, this proposal is a game-changer.  While most large companies issue climate information voluntarily, filing these disclosures with your company’s financial statements requires more rigorous accounting and assurance. Now is the time to prepare, understand what is needed, and make the improvements necessary for compliance."

Olivia Albrecht, Persefoni Sustainability Advisory Board Member and Global Head of ESG for TCW

“Climate risk is investment risk. As stewards of our clients’ capital, it’s imperative to receive high quality data direct from companies to better analyze risk. The SEC’s climate disclosure proposal is a critical step forward to create greater transparency into corporate business models and align with similar international capital market regulations.”


With more than 500 pages in this proposal, where do I start?
With more than 500 pages in this proposal, where do I start?

Although a document this size can seem overwhelming, one place to start is to read the summary version of the proposal. Or, you can follow our SEC expert Kristina’s newsletter as she distills the information into an easily digestible form.

I'm worried this could be really expensive
I'm worried this could be really expensive

If you use smart software, you won't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees just to calculate your footprint. This is complicated, yes. But that is why we have developed our CMAP - to make the process easier and less expensive so companies can spend their time and resources focusing on strategy.

Register here to watch our webinar on-demand on "Understanding the cost implications the SEC’s proposed climate-related disclosure rule." The webinar included conversation with experts from PersefoniCeres and ERM on the cost of climate change related disclosure.

I am worried about added litigation risk if I have to file climate data in my SEC filings
I am worried about added litigation risk if I have to file climate data in my SEC filings

The best defense is a record showing the steps you took to comply with the rules. Persefoni can provide a full audit trail that is critical to audit and assurance for carbon reporting.  Verification of disclosures is essential to defend against any potential litigation or SEC enforcement actions.

Who is Persefoni and why should I care/know about you?
Who is Persefoni and why should I care/know about you?

Persefoni is the leading climate management and accounting platform (CMAP). We help our clients with an enterprise-level carbon accounting platform.  With state-of-the-art accounting, your company can comply with climate disclosure regulations and investor demands. 

We have brought together a team of passionate experts in sustainability, ESG, climate change, and technology to enable every organization and person with the technology to positively impact the health of planet Earth. To find out more about Climate Management and Accounting Platforms, please read this blog.

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