Sustainability Reporting & Disclosures

Every major sustainability reporting framework including TCFD, SASB, and GRI relies on Greenhouse Gas Protocol compliant carbon accounting for footprint disclosures. With Persefoni you can seamlessly connect your carbon accounting data to your sustainability reporting workflows. With features that drastically ease the assembly of TCFD and SASB reports, you can focus on what matters most.

Easy TCFD & SASB Reporting

Assembling sustainability reports takes an inordinate amount of time on low-return activities, like searching for data, or formatting spreadsheets and emails. Persefoni enables teams to eliminate the mess of disparate systems and platforms and is purpose built around the leading sustainability reporting frameworks.

Move Fast and Accurately

Whether you’re assembling your TCFD or SASB report for the first or tenth time, quickly find examples of the best reports by company or sector and other resources that can help you craft the best and most impactful report possible.

Integrated with your carbon accounting data

Persefoni’s platform seamlessly integrates your accounting and reporting processes for ease of disclosure, so you don’t have to spend any time assembling report sections on disclosing your carbon footprint or your decarbonization progress.

Department and stakeholder collaboration

Ditch the spreadsheets and emails and bring everyone involved in the sustainability reporting process together under 1 system to create a single source of truth. Features like version controls and audit logs ensure you know who made what changes or additions throughout the process.