Net Zero Navigator

Persefoni's Net Zero Navigator, developed in collaboration with Bain & Company,  takes the guesswork out of building a decarbonization strategy uniquely tailored to your organization's goals.


Persefoni’s Net Zero Navigator module, developed in collaboration with Bain & Company, empowers organizations to build and track a decarbonization strategy uniquely tailored to their needs. Net Zero Navigator simplifies how to approach decarbonization scenario planning, helping companies make the carbon reduction decisions that best align with their business goals and public commitments.

Key Features

  1. Create decarbonization scenarios: Generate customized reduction scenarios that reflect your industry, emissions data, and target goals, for any segment of your business

  2. Evaluate different decarbonization outcomes: Assess the impact of decarbonization actions based on  implementation timelines, ROI models, and science-based and other reduction targets

  3. Leverage Bain’s deep expertise in net zero strategies: Identify what actions are best suited to achieve reduction targets, while meeting business goals

  4. Tailor decarbonization action plans: Modify any recommended reduction action with business-specific inputs, create custom actions, and customize implementation timelines to reflect existing and planned climate projects

Key Outcomes

  1. Spend less time on analysis and more time on taking action: Applying Bain’s research and real-world experience-backed decarbonization recommendations to your specific carbon footprints enables you to easily create, assess, and decide on a decarbonization plan – so you can quickly move from understanding to action and achieve your climate targets.

  2. Customize decarbonization pathways to reflect current and planned reduction activities: Configuring the recommended actions and implementation timelines to reflect existing and future climate projects enables you to assess decarbonization outcomes that reflect your unique business.

  3. Track progress against science-based and other reduction targets: Having your carbon emissions data and decarbonization plan in a single platform enables you to gain immediate feedback on the impact of your reduction actions and evolve your strategy based on new information.

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