Climate Trajectory Modeling Module

An add-on module to help make progress on decarbonization

Persefoni Climate Trajectory Modeling add-on module is the ultimate scenario planning solution that helps you create Science Based Targets or custom carbon reduction targets that align to specific scopes. It helps you measure and analyze an organization's or an investment portfolio's contribution to the 1.5C/2C temperature rise.

Create and Set Science Based Targets

Setting a Science Based Target helps organizations solidify their intent of incorporating sustainability initiatives to conscious stakeholders. Climate Trajectory Modeling enables organizations to create different target scenarios and helps them determine which target best aligns to their overall company or investment climate strategy for the near and long term.

Create Custom Reduction Targets

Setting achievable carbon reduction goals is essential for solidifying your commitment to sustainability initiatives and becoming net-zero.  Climate Trajectory Modeling simplifies the process of creating a carbon reduction target that aligns with your business or investment strategy. Simply, select the time frame and target reduction ambition based on your company’s requirements and need to quickly assess which target is best suited for your overall climate strategies.

Compare and Determine the Right Target for your Needs

Setting a decarbonization or carbon reduction target is the center of your organization's climate strategy and drives all of  your sustainability initiatives. Choosing the right one can be difficult. CTM, helps you understand the critical differences between the target scenarios by evaluating your organizations requirements and comparing the projected path to target visual.

Track and Measure Progress Towards your Target

Climate Trajectory Modeling ensures your whole team is maintaining focus on your decarbonization target.  Utilize the specific graphs to stay on track with your target scenario and to see if you are on pace to achieve your corporate target and/or how your investments contribute to your total carbon footprint. See year over year progress to track your progress towards your target reduction.


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Climate Impact Benchmarking

Persefoni Climate Impact Benchmarking add-on module gives you the visibility into industry baselines which allows for a thorough understanding of best practice in carbon performance.


Financed Emissions Calculations

Persefoni is the solution of choice for Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Banks, and Lenders around the world for understanding their financed emissions footprint.


Real-time Carbon Management Solution

Get clarity on emissions analytics, align with teams and stakeholders, and stay connected on decarbonization goals.

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