Climate Scenario Modeling

What does net-zero mean for your organization or sector? Quickly understand your organization or investment/lending portfolio’s path to adhering to the 1.5C or 2C scenarios set out by the Paris Agreement following the Science-Based Targets Initiative’s (SBTi) Temperature Scoring Method which was developed in collaboration with CDP and WWF.

Built for financial and corporate use-cases

Aligning to the Paris Agreement Warming Trajectory scenarios is critical for your organization’s disclosure and target setting. By incorporating the open-source CDP-WWF temperature rating methodology, Persefoni enables users to quickly understand the target year to achieve net-zero under every scenario for individual companies as well as across investment portfolios.

Achieve Net-Zero

Persefoni uses a three step methodology for modeling across all use-cases: a target protocol, which converts individual emissions targets to temperatures; a company protocol, which aggregates these targets into an overall company score; and a portfolio protocol, which weights these company scores across an investment portfolio.

100% alignment to every framework

To convert individual emissions targets into temperatures, the target protocol uses the best available scientific climate scenarios from the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C scenario database. It generates simple regression models for estimated warming in 2100 from climate scenarios with short, medium, and long-term trends in absolute emissions or emissions intensities.

Investment & Lending Portfolio Coverage

At the portfolio level, company scores are weighted to assess an index or portfolio of companies, such as in the context of financial portfolios. In the event a company does not have relevant, publicly-disclosed emissions targets, it’s assigned a default temperature score which assumes a business-as-usual temperature.

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