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Our podcast network features some of the brightest minds in sustainability, ESG, and climate technology. ClimateTech with Kentaro is hosted by our CEO and Co-founder, Kentaro Kawamori. In each episode, he is joined by fellow entrepreneurs, influencers, and investors who share his passion for solving the climate crisis, through technology. Sustainability Decoded features Tim Mohin, and Caitlin Kinney, a Gen Z climate activist. Jointly, they talk to leaders and experts in ESG and climate to break down what's happening in the world of sustainability.

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ClimateTech with Kentaro
ClimateTech with KentaroNovember 3, 2022
Future Venture’s Maryanna Saenko

Our season finale covers startup investments that are on the absolute cutting edge. We’re joined by Maryanna Saenko, an early-stage venture capitalist and the Co-founder of Future Ventures (early investors in SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, Planet, and Skype).  Backing visionaries for over two decades through her firm, Maryanna gets to play a part in technology that ranges from Bee Immunology to Nuclear Fusion. She’s also worked on lunar rovers, martian landers, driverless cars, and long-range low-frequency communication systems.

On the show, we cover ‘frontier tech’ and companies in the portfolio at Future Ventures. We also got to reference all of my favorite sci-fi movies (some of which it seems like Maryanna is trying to bring to life) and we even talked about poetry in our rapid fire round!

ClimateTech with KentaroOctober 26, 2022
Aclima’s Davida Herzl

Today’s guest, and her company, operate the largest mobile sensor network on Earth, and they use that network to track air pollution and greenhouse gasses.

Davida Herzl is CEO and founder of Aclima. Her company uses devices, as well as software, to turn emissions measurements into analytics so that companies, governments, and communities can become more eco-friendly.

On the show, Davida and I talked about the health impacts of pollution, climate justice, and the early days of our startups!

ClimateTech with KentaroSeptember 14, 2022
Cogo’s Ben Gleisner

It’s hard to track our individual carbon footprints. Most people have no idea what emissions are associated with a bag of groceries or last night’s takeout. This type of information is hard to come by, which makes it even more challenging to make environmentally friendly decisions. Sustainability Data Service company, Cogo is trying to change that by empowering individuals and businesses to measure, reduce, and offset the impact they have on the climate.

Today’s guest is Ben Gleisner, founder and CEO of Cogo.

On the show, we dove into the individual side of sustainability, behavioral science, and the climate tech behind Cogo. ClimateTech with Kentaro is produced by our incredible team at Persefoni and Hueman Group Media.

ClimateTech with KentaroAugust 31, 2022
LanzaTech’s Dr. Jennifer Holmgren

Did you know that greenhouse gas emissions can be turned into leggings or even jet fuel?

Today’s guest, Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, is the CEO of LanzaTech. Her company has been working on carbon recycling technology for over 15 years. Now, LanzaTech has scaled up its technology from a startup and is almost ready to go public.

In the episode, Jennifer gave me an AP chem lesson on the conversion process and the myriad of ways the technology can be used. We also dig into her incredibly impressive biography which, spoiler alert, includes 50 patents, 30 scientific publications, a PHD and an MBA.

ClimateTech with KentaroAugust 24, 2022
Patch’s Brennan Spellacy

In recent years, climate-minded companies all over the world have made commitments to reach net zero emissions. That means cutting emissions as close to zero as possible and then funding carbon capture and carbon removal to make up for the rest.

Brennan Spellacy is the founder of a software company called Patch. Patch helps businesses reach net zero by connecting them with carbon removal developers. In this episode, we get into Brennan’s journey as an entrepreneur, his version of a book recommendation, and the idea of ‘undoing’ pollution by funding carbon removal and carbon capture projects.