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Our podcast network features some of the brightest minds in sustainability, ESG, and climate technology. ClimateTech with Kentaro is hosted by our CEO and Co-founder, Kentaro Kawamori. In each episode, he is joined by fellow entrepreneurs, influencers, and investors who share his passion for solving the climate crisis, through technology. Sustainability Decoded features Tim Mohin, and Caitlin Kinney, a Gen Z climate activist. Jointly, they talk to leaders and experts in ESG and climate to break down what's happening in the world of sustainability.

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Sustainability DecodedAugust 9, 2022
The ESG Sensation (Decades in the Making) w/ Aron Cramer

In this episode, we talked about how interest and advancements in ESG are suddenly everywhere. 

Today’s guest, Aron Cramer called the trend an “overnight sensation.” But really he’s been working for years to pull sustainability into the mainstream. Aron is the President and CEO of management consulting company, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility). Before his career as an ESG OG, Aron went to law school and worked as a journalist.

On the show, Aron tells us about his professional journey, how BSR helps businesses advance ESG initiatives and how ESG has evolved and exploded in popularity! 

ClimateTech with KentaroAugust 3, 2022
Microsoft’s Mark Kroese

A lot of lucky people have their personal passions and their professional paths collide. And that could not be more true for Mark Kroese, a 22-year veteran at Microsoft and their General Manager of Sustainability Solutions. Mark started his career at Microsoft in the 90s as a product manager for Word and Excel. Then his love for mountain climbing and visits to the rainforest led him to focus on sustainability.

In this episode, Mark shared his thoughts on sustainability reporting and building databases for that information. We talked about how much water data centers use and the environmental impact of our thousands of saved messages and emails. A big takeaway from chatting with Mark: I need to clean out my inbox to save the planet! 

Sustainability DecodedAugust 1, 2022
Why Fighting Climate Change is Personal for Gen Z w/ Anissa Vasquez and Kevin Stephen

To mark the halfway point of our first season we’re talking to two Gen Z climate fanatics and Persefoni employees!

Anissa Vasquez is Manager of Global ESG Policy at Persefoni and Kevin Stephen works on the sustainability strategy team. They came on the show to talk about how young people can get involved in sustainability and climate tech,why fighting climate change is an incredibly personal fight for their generation, and what they are doing to stay optimistic about their future. 

In this episode, we got reflective. Kevin and Anissa shared book recommendations, thoughts on some of our previous episodes, and advice for fellow Gen Z climate nerds.

ClimateTech with KentaroJuly 27, 2022
NatureAlpha’s Dr. Vian Sharif

We have a whole zoo in today’s episode about biodiversity! I shared a fantastic conversation with Dr. Vian Sharif, Head of Sustainability at FNZ and Founder of NatureAlpha. Both FNZ and NatureAlpha are platforms for investors. FNZ is a digital wealth management platform while Vian’s newer venture NatureAlpha focuses on demonstrating the impacts of investments on biodiversity & natural capital.

In today’s episode, Vian and I talked about integrating conservation work with investments — and also about pangolins.

ClimateTech with KentaroJuly 20, 2022
BloombergNEF’s Nathaniel Bullard

We have a little bit of everything in this week’s episode.  We’re diving deep with Nathaniel Bullard Chief Content Officer of BloombergNEF,  Bloomberg's primary research service on energy, transportation, commodities, and technology. Nathaniel is a little bit different from the founder guests we’ve traditionally had on the show. He’s played the analyst slash writer role for a majority of his vast career and today writes a weekly column under the Bloomberg Green banner where he covers energy, transport, technology, climate, and finance.

In this episode, we talked about what we’re seeing in climate from a market-oriented lens. This episode is so rich that we go from discussing deep decarbonization and where that’s going, to tinkering with Web3 and crypto and how that all connects.

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