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Keep up with this very dynamic space with our own newsletter series, where we explore and unpack the latest sustainability trends and regulations helping us in the fight against climate change.

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Kristina Wyatt's Regulatory Newsletter
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
In the Week Ahead: Saying Goodbye to a Queen and Saving a Planet
The Costs of Carbon and the Benefits of Cleaning Up
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
The Costs of Carbon and the Benefits of Cleaning Up - September 9, 2022
Sustainability Decoded newsletter with Tim Mohin
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
Pakistan Floods, California Acts, John Oliver Laughs - September 2, 2022
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
Five Things I Love About the TCFD
sustainability decoded newsletter by Tim Mohin
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
Flipping the Script on The Supreme Court - August 26, 2022
Finance and Government Race to Net Zero
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
Finance and Government Race to Net Zero - August 19, 2022
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
US and European Climate Reporting: Is the Distinction Between Single and Double Materiality Overblown?
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
The Biggest Climate Legislation in American History - August 12, 2022
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
Pressure Builds as Big Oil Reports Record Profits - August 5, 2022
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
“If it’s not profitable, it’s not sustainable.”
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
US Announces a Surprise $369bn Climate Deal - July 29, 2022
 Persefoni Newsletter Series
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Carbon Accounting

Our carbon accounting platform helps you measure, analyze, plan, forecast, & report organizational and investment portfolio carbon footprints.

Financed Emissions

Calculate your carbon footprint from investment & lending activity, using either the PCAF or GHG Protocol standards.

Portfolio Analytics

Collect carbon insights to integrate into your investment strategy and improve financed emissions.

Decarbonization Manager

Model industry-specific decarbonization scenarios for planning and tracking against Net Zero targets.

Integration Hub

Improve the carbon accounting process by automating the collection of your activity data and the calculation of your carbon footprint.

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We partner with the leading firms across consulting, technology, and standards setters to bring the best end-to-end solutions to our customers.

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Making Sense of Climate Disclosure
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