Persefoni enables the largest banks in the world to turn their financial transaction data into carbon footprint data, using the only custom-built platform for the banking industry and the Partnerships for Accounting Financials (PCAF), to enable the highest-fidelity financed emissions calculations available.

100% PCAF Coverage

Turn financial transaction data from every available PCAF category into trusted and auditable financed emissions calculations. The standard currently supports calculations for Equities (listed & unlisted), Bonds, Business Loans, Project Finance, Commercial Real Estate, Mortgages, & Motor Vehicle Loans.

Scalable, automated financed emissions calculations

Through the platform’s APIs, banking teams can integrate transactional systems —from equity trading systems to lending activity databases—to automate transforming financial data into carbon data.

Firm-wide trusted carbon data

With Persefoni, banking teams can enable a trusted source of verified, auditable carbon calculation data for every part of the bank. Whether you’re looking to factor climate data into allocation strategies, building ESG ETFs, or advising clients on the carbon impact of M&A transactions, Persefoni does the job.

Align to complete net-zero commitments

If your firm is considering, or has already made, a net-zero commitment, understanding how to align financing activity to that path is critical. Persefoni helps calculate the impact from financed emissions and allows for instant modeling and target-setting aligned to science-based methodologies.

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