Asset Managers & Asset Owners

Persefoni was built to enable Asset Managers & Owners to calculate their investment portfolio’s Financed Emissions profile. With our platform, you can baseline your portfolio’s footprint, understand how to make science-based net-zero targets, and even engage your portfolio to decarbonization.

Baseline the carbon footprint of your portfolio

To achieve net-zero in your portfolio, you must understand your baseline. Persefoni’s financed emissions calculation capabilities enable you to do just that, using your own financial transaction data or portfolio company’s reported data.

Set net-zero targets based in science

Understanding what net-zero means for your portfolio is complicated. With Persefoni you can quickly align to the gold standard of trajectory modeling developed by SBTi, CDP, and WWF. Analyze your portfolio by fund, sector, or individual portfolio company and quickly align targets and reporting to 1.5C or 2C scenarios.

Ease stakeholder or LP reporting

Your stakeholders or LPs will increasingly ask not just for carbon disclosures from your investing activities but what you’re doing to decarbonize your portfolio over time. Persefoni takes care of the carbon calculations and reporting, so that you can focus on developing impactful sustainability strategies for your firm and portfolio.

Engage & support your portfolio companies

Your portfolio companies are looking to you for guidance and help on how to calculate and report on their carbon footprint. Our platform was specifically built to enable both asset managers/owners and portfolio companies to be able to perform carbon calculations and reporting in a common platform and framework.

Radically improved TCFD reporting

Asset managers and owners around the world are aligning to the TCFD framework for carbon and climate reporting. Persefoni’s financed emissions calculations are 100% in compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) frameworks, allowing you to provide trusted Scope 1, 2, & 3 footprint numbers for TCFD or other reporting schemes.

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