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Hoover Circular Solutions (Hoover CS) is a leading provider of sustainable industrial packaging solutions. At Hoover CS, sustainability is an integral part of everything they do. In aiming to provide “more value with less waste,” they supply their customers across the chemical, refining, and general industrial end markets with reusable containers as an environmentally responsible alternative to single-use containers.

As part of their dedication to sustainability, Hoover CS wanted accurate measurements of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions to assess their progress towards their internal climate goals, and to create reports for audits, stakeholder requests, and annual ESG reports.

Hoover Circular Solutions

HooverCS is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions.

Mission Critical

Automating the Process
Automating the Process

As part of HooverCS and Persefoni's ongoing relationship, our focus has now shifted towards integrating software and programs with the Persefoni platform toward a monthly data pull. This collaborative effort will automate the data collection process and minimize the time commitment from HooverCS team

Calculating & Analyzing Carbon Footprint
Calculating & Analyzing Carbon Footprint

HooverCS recognized Persefoni as the only platform that could hold all of their data in one place in a dashboard overview, and that has the ability to drill down to identify all areas of scope 1, 2, and 3 data. Persefoni was able to help HooverCS calculate and analyze the full carbon footprint of their global operations, which could be shared with customers, in ESG reporting, and in audits with drastically less time and resources spent. Based on the data they collected on the Persefoni platform for 2021. HooverCS could clearly see what their overall carbon footprint was and will be making a determination of how and where they need to reduce emissions.

Strength in Numbers: Hoover CS

Persefoni is helping us understand who we are as a company from all areas of sustainability

Nick Moscariello-Global Director of Sustainability
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Rico Smith
VP of Customer Success
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Manager, Strategic Customer Success

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