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Persefoni’s SaaS Platform enables companies and financial institutions to easily meet stakeholder and regulatory climate disclosure requirements and requests.

Leading industry analysts say Persefoni is the best software provider for automating carbon accounting and financial disclosures.

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The most intuitive and trusted carbon management and climate disclosure solution on the market.

Built for organizations large and small, global and local.

Climate disclosure, carbon accounting, & carbon management made simple

Calculating carbon footprints, meeting climate disclosure requests, and achieving net-zero used to be hard. With Persefoni you don’t need to be a technical expert. Just answer simple questions, upload your data, and our automated Footprint Workbook™ will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

A fully managed solution gets you from zero to disclosure with ease

You don’t need any pre-existing knowledge of climate disclosure frameworks or carbon accounting methodologies to get started with Persefoni. Included in your subscription is a rich suite of options for deployment and support. Choose between structured, expert-led roll-out support or completely self-service onboarding via an extensive library of how-to articles and videos in our knowledge base.

Instantly fully compliant with regulatory-grade frameworks

Transparent calculation methods, models, data sets, and audit trails provide instant compliance with the disclosure frameworks required by regulators, institutional investors, customers, and supply chain partners.

Industry-leading support and climate solution consultants

We make available many of the world’s most recognized Carbon, Climate, and Sustainability experts as advisors to our customers. Those include expert data practitioners that support your platform deployment journey, solution consultants that will help advise on the right operational strategies, and members of our Sustainability Advisory Board that continue to shape the global disclosure frameworks and policies on the topic of climate.


Do More With Your Data


Financed Emissions Calculations

Persefoni is the solution of choice for Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Banks, and Lenders around the world for understanding their financed emissions footprint.


Climate Impact Benchmarking

In partnership with CDP, Persefoni users can instantly understand how their carbon footprint and climate impact compares to comparable and peer organizations by industry, sector, or region.


Climate Trajectory Modeling

Persefoni’s Climate Trajectory Modeling capabilities allow users to quickly model what net-zero targets and carbon reduction budgets look like to adhere to the Paris Agreement’s 1.5C or 2C scenarios.

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Climate disclosures are now financial disclosures.

Kentaro Kawamori-CEO & Co-Founder of Persefoni

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Cogo’s Ben Gleisner

It’s hard to track our individual carbon footprints. Most people have no idea what emissions are associated with a bag of groceries or last night’s takeout. This type of information is hard to come by, which makes it even more challenging to make environmentally friendly decisions. Sustainability Data Service company, Cogo is trying to change that by empowering individuals and businesses to measure, reduce, and offset the impact they have on the climate.

Today’s guest is Ben Gleisner, founder and CEO of Cogo.

On the show, we dove into the individual side of sustainability, behavioral science, and the climate tech behind Cogo. ClimateTech with Kentaro is produced by our incredible team at Persefoni and Hueman Group Media.