CFO & Investor Relations

Reporting your organization’s carbon footprint is now part of your license to operate. If you’re a public company, or have private equity investors in your business, carbon disclosures are a mission-critical compliance activity to retain access to capital.

Financial-ERP Quality Disclosures

Why are your investors asking for your carbon footprint report? Because through their financial exposure into your business they inherit ‘financed emissions’ onto their own carbon footprint ledger. Disclosure requests are set to ramp up volume and significance for years to come due to the nature of fund flows alone. Persefoni makes disclosures effortless and real-time relevant.

Always Audit Ready

Merely reporting your carbon footprint is not enough. Your investors, and soon regulators, aren’t just looking for a report – they’re looking for trusted data. Persefoni functions like a financial ERP system and significantly reduces the time and resources required to perform assurance and audit processes on your calculations and reporting.

Drastically reduce carbon accounting costs

Carbon accounting and reporting processes are typically undertaken by consultants who overcharge to perform manual, spreadsheet-driven processes on an annual basis. It not only costs organizations money, but also a considerable amount of time to get it done. Persefoni drastically reduces the time and cost of carbon accounting and reporting—often at 10% of the cost of a consult-only approach.

Lower your cost of capital

The most forward-thinking CFO’s are enabling their organizations to access capital at record lows by tapping into instruments like sustainability-linked bonds and working toward inclusion in ESG indexes. Persefoni equips you with the data and reporting required to take advantage of green and ESG-linked financing vehicles at scale.