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Gain granular insights to kickstart your decarbonization journey

Product Overview

Understanding and addressing climate change is rising in importance as increased climate risk and the evolving regulatory landscape influences the way companies operate globally. More and more organizations are beginning to set net zero commitments and share them publicly, aligned with or ahead of the Paris Agreement, however many are discovering that setting targets is only the first step, and making progress on reduction is challenging. Creating a decarbonization pathway tailored to your organization’s unique business operations is complex and is not one size fits all. 

Persefoni Reduce Footprint, a new feature within Persefoni’s Climate Management and Accounting Platform, allows users to take a granular look at their scope 1-3 and facility emissions to customize their decarbonization journey. It helps companies model and plan reduction strategies across several different domains by drilling into categories, facilities, and types of emissions for reduction and change management planning. 

Key Features Include: 

  • Model how decreasing different categories of scope emissions will impact your overall footprints, which will help you make decisions about where to reduce emissions as you work towards specific reduction goals

  • Analyze different levels of facility specific electricity and energy usage to understand the impacts of switching to cleaner electricity or using less energy

  • Set a Long Term decarbonization target, view how you are progressing toward it and understand what it would take year-over-year to meet that target goal

With Persefoni’s Reduce Footprint, Persefoni helps your team gather insights necessary to tailor your decarbonization strategy to your organization’s business operations. You also get a glimpse into Climate Trajectory Modeling’s  functionality by visualizing a Long Term, science-based, decarbonization target, which helps you understand how much your organization would need to reduce emissions year-over-year to meet your specified reduction goals. To learn more about Reduce Footprint, visit our blog. Reduce Footprint is included with a subscription to Persefoni; kickstart your decarbonization journey today. 

Reduce Footprint Overview

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