Decarbonization Manager

Developed in collaboration with Bain & Company, Persefoni’s Decarbonization Manager enables decarbonization scenario planning specific to your organization’s operation and industry.


Introducing our new decarbonization scenario planning module that helps transform decarbonization ambitions into actionable results. Decarbonization Manager Module, created jointly with Bain & Company, empowers organizations to build and track a decarbonization strategy uniquely tailored to their needs. The technology is built on top of deep industry experience and thousands of previous customer engagements. Decarbonization Manager simplifies how to approach decarbonization scenario planning, helping you make the best decarbonization decisions for your organization. 

Key Features

  1. Scenario Development: Create decarbonization scenarios to evaluate different outcomes based on implementation timeline, ROI models, carbon pricing, and reduction target. 

  2. Actionable Insights: Gain full access into Bain & Company’s proprietary decarbonization lever library to understand which levers are best suited to meet  business goals and achieve reduction target. 

  3. Build & Track Deployment Plan: Select the decarbonization scenario that best suites unique business needs. Then, make empowered decisions by prioritizing and implementing key initiatives that are aligning to decarbonization and financial objectives. 

Key Outcomes

  1. Ensure your decarbonization actions will impact your reduction targets: Align decarbonization actions chosen to the company’s decarbonization target pathways so sustainability leaders can understand if those actions will be enough to achieve their goals.

  2. Gain confidence in your decarbonization strategy and implementation: Our new module takes the guessing out of decarbonization scenario planning by suggesting researched-backed recommendations ensuring confidence in making the best decarbonization decisions for your organization.

  3. Build alignment for decarbonization across an organization: Utilizing your robust decarbonization plan from the Decarbonization Manager module, share with stakeholders to build alignment and understand roles and responsibilities. 

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