Sustainability Decoded: Why Fighting Climate Change is Personal for Gen Z w/ Anissa Vasquez and Kevin Stephen

Persefoni Team
By Persefoni Team
August 1, 20221 min read
December 22, 2022, 1:40 PMUpdated
August 1, 2022Updated: December 22, 2022, 1:40 PM1 min read

To mark the halfway point of our first season we’re talking to two Gen Z climate fanatics and Persefoni employees!

Anissa Vasquez is Manager of Global ESG Policy at Persefoni and Kevin Stephen works on the sustainability strategy team. They came on the show to talk about how young people can get involved in sustainability and climate tech,why fighting climate change is an incredibly personal fight for their generation, and what they are doing to stay optimistic about their future. 

In this episode, we got reflective. Kevin and Anissa shared book recommendations, thoughts on some of our previous episodes, and advice for fellow Gen Z climate nerds.

Learn more about Anissa, Kevin, and Persefoni here.

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