How To Calculate Emissions in Your Value Chain

The Crawl-Walk-Run Approach

Value chain emissions, or scope 3, are considered some of the hardest to measure, report on, and reduce. To help companies start their journey, Persefoni’s experts produced a guide on how to steadily increase the scope and accuracy of value chain emissions through the crawl-walk-run approach. Key highlights include:

  • Reasons why you should start calculating the emissions in your value chain today

  • A step-by-step guide to measuring, managing, and reducing emissions in your value chain through the crawl-walk-run approach:

    • Crawl - How to define goals, and emissions boundaries, what parts of the value chain to start with, and how carbon accounting software can help.

    • Walk - How to gradually introduce more granular ways of calculating value chain emissions and committing to carbon reduction targets that include scope 3.

    • Run - How to measure all significant emissions in your value chain and engage with suppliers using carbon accounting software.

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