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Our customers are precious to us because their carbon footprint management goal is precious to us.
Eric Su
By Eric Su
March 24, 20214 min read
December 1, 2022, 2:46 PMUpdated
March 24, 2021Updated: December 1, 2022, 2:46 PM4 min read

It's easy to issue a press release ... but it is no small feat to become carbon neutral.

With the number of organizations making a net-zero carbon commitment skyrocketing, the next step quickly becomes finding tools that help enterprises engage in a collaborative way to measure and manage their carbon transactions - and do so with the same degree of confidence that they currently manage their financial transactions. It was this need that formed the genesis behind Persefoni.

"You can't fix what you don't measure," is the quote often attributed to management guru Peter Drucker, but measuring is just one of the steps. Data collection and management is just the first step, followed immediately by collaboration, monitoring & managing, planning & forecasting, reporting, leveraging a robust - and global - partner community, and perhaps most importantly, enterprise-grade support.

Organizations need Persefoni to stay true to their pledge, and Persefoni's Customer Success forms the backbone of this commitment.

I am extremely excited to lead the Customer Success team at Persefoni, and we recognize clearly what's at stake beyond simply a happy software client. I work with passionate customers who care about making a difference in their organization and for the world.

We recognize that in a rapidly evolving market, one of Persefoni's key differences comes in listening first and second, and then acting. That's why one of our Customer Success team's main priorities is regular customer feedback being transformed into new platform features. So much so that it is the chief metric by which our staff is measured. Indeed, CS staff is embedded within the Persefoni Solution Architecture team throughout the development process, to ensure our customers quickly shape technical functionality.

Persefoni is an agile shop in every aspect of our working life, which makes us adapt to our customers in the best way possible. Our customers are precious to us because their carbon footprint management goal is precious to us.


We are obsessed with our customer's success. Persefoni made a conscious decision to invest in the best-in-class tools early to ensure customers felt empowered at every step of their journey, from purchasing to onboarding, operations, and renewals.

Carbon accounting might at times be complex ... doing business with Persefoni is purpose-built to be simple and easy.

Unlike so many software companies, every facet of a Persefoni customer's journey is connected, so our team has relevant context to provide excellent support. Whether it’s a question by email, chat, or phone, we want our customer to get to the right answers – and quickly.

Moreover, our state-of-the-art Help Center is home to a vast amount of content pertaining to both our platform and the GHG Protocol. We are compiling examples of what has worked (or failed) by industry, and are building a vibrant customer ecosystem. This is ideal for customers who would rather jump right into the platform and get started with no guard rails. No matter your style, we can support you in more ways than one.

Our proactive tech-touch approach also enables Persefoni to enhance and tailor the customer journey. Whether you’re 60 days from renewal or you need advice on the best way to set up the platform, we have you covered with the right balance of in-person or automated email support to fit your liking. For complex discussions, customers can easily schedule one-on-one time with the customer success team.

Yes, a real person. With a real telephone number.


We understand carbon accounting and climate disclosures can be complex, which is why so much of our focus is on keeping the Persefoni platform intuitively easy to use, and for Customer Success to offer readily available support.

Our versatile customer success team will bring reliable technical platform knowledge and a good understanding of the GHG Protocol to every conversation ... including subject matter experts as needed to facilitate the most productive discussions.

Look very soon for several announcements from boutique as well as global consulting organizations, who will serve as an extension of our Customer Success team - though Persefoni will always remain as a primary support engine for our customer, regardless of whether we are engaging with a partner.

Again, our customers are precious to us because their carbon footprint management goal is precious to us. This forms the very core of everything we do at Persefoni.

Lastly, as Persefoni looks to grow internationally, we look to make our self-service portal available in different languages and to implement solutions to augment our global time zone.

More to come!

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