Private Equity and Venture Capital

Our comprehensive solution for private equity and venture capital allows for credible and comprehensive emissions reporting.


Persefoni helps private equity and venture capital managers companies incorporate climate-related decisions into their investment workflows at the portfolio company level. Portfolio companies are empowered to understand how their operations contribute to their collective carbon footprint and gain insights on how to take action.

In many ways, the private equity industry pioneered the practice of incorporating sustainability into a sound investment process. Investment managers have developed  sophisticated data collection processes around ESG metrics, and climate data is at the forefront of this evolution. Today, many limited partners expect private equity and venture capital managers to measure the Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions of their portfolio companies.  A variety of imperatives, frameworks and industry initiatives support this notion - including alignment to the UNPRI, the ESG Data Convergence Project, the iCI, the TCFD, etc. Coupled with adopted and proposed regulation from various jurisdictions in which their limited partners reside, managers are heeding the call to measure, report and build initiatives around their portfolio company emissions. 


The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) is the predominant global carbon accounting standard that supports carbon emissions measurement. It outlines industry specific materiality and guidance in order to accurately account for granular and detailed activities.  It is the standard that is most commonly leveraged by the private equity and venture capital communities at the portfolio company level. Persefoni’s solution makes this process intuitive, streamlined and comprehensive for portfolio companies in all stages of maturity. Our technology is used by portfolio companies in practically all industries, of all sizes, and with varying degrees of data and resource availability. 

When you work with Persefoni, you have a team that understands the nuanced and specialized financial services industry. Persefoni’s Climate Management and Accounting Platform (CMAP) is built on our team’s collective decades of experience in carbon accounting for financial institutions.  Our industry-leading carbon accountants have deep experience in the financial services and sustainability sectors, and our strategic partnerships with Private Equity experts including Bain & Co and Novata have created offerings that are highly complementary to our solution.

Financed Emissions: Can Banks Change Before the Climate Does?



ケンタロウ・カワモリ-CEO & Co-Founder of Persefoni




企業の脱炭素化が急務となっている背景として、地球温暖化が数十年来進行しており、このまま進行すると将来、災害の増加や生態系の変化によって、森林や生物資源の減少のほか、人類の健康や居住域に多大な影響を与えるとみられています。そのため、日本政府による2050 年までのカーボンニュートラル達成目標の設定や、東京証券取引所によるTCFD(気候関連財務情報開示タスクフォース)※の要請に即した上場企業の気候変動に関する情報開示基準の強化に伴い、企業や金融機関が 炭素排出量の削減への取り組みを進めています。